My Blackness

by | October 5, 2016

Despite what you may think, I am not here to give understanding to My Blackness, nor am

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I here to apologize for it. You’re definitely not getting a rant with worry about where my blackness fits into your world or how I should express it. If you think about it, how can

I be worried when we’re experiencing times such as these. In times when the formula we have been told to follow in order to ‘make it’, with hope and prayers in our hearts that our hard work and effort in the end would not go in vain, proves to not be enough. Where we go through the door looking for
equal opportunity and basic human rights but

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instead nothing we do or say is being acknowledged or judged fairly.


Those who do not follow the rules and pose a threat to society that goes above the expectations of those
who have sworn to protect it, are treated with the utmost dignity and respect; so how could we expect to make it to see another day? When losing ourselves through following and abiding to the code of conduct and formula pose an even greater risk how could we expect to make it to see another day? The line must be drawn somewhere!

Dear Black People,
If you weren’t so valuable and didn’t have the potential to be powerful, the world would not be eager to exterminate you. You are Black Gold.


Your skin, your mind, your space, your voice, your soul, your experience, your dreams, your story, your purpose and your blackness are the things you need to hold on to so that you find the courage to express yourself and surpass the crevices that are intended for your destruction and to turn you away from your blackness. Embrace it, because it is YOUR blackness. Find it, explore it, create it if push comes to shove but whatever you do protect it.2016-07-14-18.27.01.jpg.jpeg


And they all lived Blackly Ever After.

Own it, express it. If you lose it – search for it. Recreate it
again if you must but with each time you find it love it more and more. Love yourself more than you ever have before. Despite what they may say your blackness is not dangerous – it is IN danger. Protect it now more than ever before because it is YOURS and you shouldn’t give it up without putting up a good fight!

For you are coated in darkness and you interior rich as gold.





Stay Blackened, Stay Golden!