A New Semester -Checklist Needed

by | September 19, 2018

The start of a new semester evokes a lot of different views and feelings. Some are happy to return to school while others dread the work to come before it actually is given. Freshers come while sophomores, juniors and seniors return; each with a different outlook on the semester ahead.
As a junior, I have a good idea of what it takes to be successful at university level. One thing I have discovered is the importance of being positive. Try looking at each course this semester and year with a positive view. It may be difficult for some, trust me I know. However, having a positive mindset affects the outcome of an activity dramatically. As a new week begins and as we dive deeper into the semester, I leave you with this list of questions (A Test Checklist) that you should ask yourself through this semester. If any negative answers to them, it’s your duty to change that.
Test Checklist
1. Did you make a serious effort to understand the text?
2. Did you work with classmates on a homework problem and solutions?
 3. Did you attempt to outline every homework problem solution?
4. Did you participate actively in homework group discussions?
5. Did you consult with the instructor?
6. Did you understand ALL of your homework problem solutions?
A Study Guide
8. Did you ask for explanations of things
9. Did you attempt to outline lots of problem solutions quickly?
10. Did you go over the study guide and problems with classmates and quiz one another?
11.If there was a review session before the test did you attend and ask questions about things you weren’t sure about?
12. Did you get a reasonable nights’ rest the night before the test?
Create a metaphor or analogy to understand concepts better. How you look at the test would explain why you may be stressed when doing a test.
Think of it as exciting!
May every thought that you think be etched in fire in the sky for the whole world to see. For, in fact, it is. Think great thoughts. – Suze Orman