Android vs iOS: The Saga Awakens

by | October 6, 2016


I know what you may be thinking, not one of these articles again. I know what I can afford and what works better for me so I will just disregard everything but I urge you to read on. The whole debate about which one is better, Android or Apple(iOS) is honestly and truly really about preference and while that may be true, there are benefits to having either an Android phone or an iPhone. I will list them for you.Image result for android vs iphone meme

The main difference between having an Android and an iPhone has been the subject of much debate. Simply put, the amount of flexibility each operating system offers sets them apart. The Android phone offers much more flexibility in terms of customization and complete control. You can even customize the hardware of an Android phone. The iPhone on the other hand does not. There is only so much you can do with an iPhone to have the amount of customization that Android phones offer without voiding the warranty of your iPhone. So the Android phone wins in that area. The area in which the iPhone shines is the support and the quality of apps which are built for iOS. Since it was Apple who really revolutionized the smartphone, there are more developers and much more support for iPhones. Now, this does not mean that the Android system does not have this type of support because Google has been doing an amazing job with the Google Play Store with over one millions applications available for download. Something to be truly proud of. The iPhone or iOS really just benefits from having much more experienced developers who create applications to be used on one type of phone (the iPhone) while Android developers have a much harder time adjusting to building the same apps for Samsung, Nexus, LG and HTC Android phones.

Again, in the end, it really comes down to what you prefer and how much you are willing to spend on a phone. Are you creative and crave customization? Get an Android! Are you simple and just prefer having a better support system? The iPhone is for you! Whatever you choose, let me know your experience because either choice is a choice well made!