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October 5, 2014

Daviel James


Daviel James is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago.


Five apps every student should have on their smartphones

  Smartphones! Everyone has one but honestly, what we have on them are more important. As college students it is important that we have the right apps on our phones to make us more productive. The types we have on our phones can be a clear indication of those who fail and those who succeed. […]

Android vs iOS: The Saga Awakens

  I know what you may be thinking, not one of these articles again. I know what I can afford and what works better for me so I will just disregard everything but I urge you to read on. The whole debate about which one is better, Android or Apple(iOS) is honestly and truly really […]

“Spartans” New Location

Transition! After years of yearning for better living conditions, the men of Cedar Hall, the “Spartans” finally made their move into the new Timothy Greaves Hall Dormitory.   When asked, some of the men said that they didn’t believe that they would be moving up this semester and would like to applaud USC on the […]