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October 5, 2014

Karis Joseph


Karis Joseph is from Guyana/ St. Lucia and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago.

“From a very tender age, I started scribbling what I thought were words on many pages. As time went on, these mere scribbles became words and these words became stories. Writing is not a job, it’s more of a hobby”


Decisions, Decisions!

  Okay, so here’s my plan. I’m going to graduate, take a vacation, get a job, do my Masters, get a job doing what I really want to do, get married, have kids and live life. Wham bam! Sounds like an air tight plan right? No! Those who really know me, knows I’m all about […]

Dogs Rule! Cats Drool!

There really is no argument here. Dogs are superior to cats. 

Top Spots For Drop

The best places on campus for when you really need to go.