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October 5, 2014

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Chényse Semper is from Antigua and Barbuda and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago.

“Lover of free time devoted to reading. Quite Tall (even though I’m 5’ 4). Terrified of puppies and all things that bark. Keeper of turtles (until they run away). 19 years old and making the world a better place since the 24th of August 1995”


Weeping May Endure for a Night 

This is an edited excerpt of something written in 2011.   The worn Bible sat in my lap, opened to that text that offers so much hope. Hope that I have yet to find. “Weeping may endure for a night…”

Help! I Think I’m A Feminist

Feminism is an issue we need to address.   Before I begin to explain why or how I suddenly realized I was a feminist, I should probably begin with what feminism is NOT.

5 Types of Kisses You Should Have More Often

Kissing. Lips. Mushy stuff.   Disclaimer: My Facebook newsfeed is bubbling over with all types of shared articles on all types of topics. Disclaimer 2: I am a curious person.

The Chicken vs. The Egg

The chicken or the egg? Which came first?    The origin of all types of birds which live today are shrouded in mystery.  Even Alan Feduccia, a leading bird expert, once stated: “The origin of birds is still up in the air.”   Now I’m no bird expert, so I decided to ask around.

Are You Stuff-y?

Original Article from: Student Devos. [] So much of the culture today is consumed with the pursuit of stuff. We think if we could just have a better car, we’d be happy. If we could just be dating that person of our dreams, then we’d be happy. Or if we could just get out of […]