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World Diabetes Day 2018

Obesity. Blindness. Cardiac arrest. Stroke. The very thought of these are enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone. Truthfully, no one really wants to deal with these health issues at any point in their lives. They are the stuff of nightmares for most individuals and provide much reason for concern. However, while these […]

Man in the Mirror

“Time to rise up and shine!” The words play in his head like a tune. He unshackles himself from the sheets that bound him, It’s Monday, the 4th of June. He manages to make his way to the bathroom, And gently opens the door, Behind this vail to greet him, Was a sight he has […]

The Social 2018: A Wacky Affair

One of the most beautiful things about college life is the freedom of expression which it affords you, and for over 90 years our great institution has been a hub for the fostering of such freedom. At the start of every semester, we pay tribute to this liberty with the hosting of a night filled […]

International Students Week 2017: USC Ansanm

Culture; it is the very essence of who we are. The very tide that binds a person to their place of origin, it is a key part of our overall makeup. From national food to cultural wear, each of its components plays a key role in the shaping of our day to day lifestyles and […]

All Night Sports! (Sports Review)

  (Review article written about the All night Sports event on October 7, 2017 held at the campus basketball court. Photographs compliments Lexus Media) It is said that good things come to those who wait. And wait we did, for what seemed like an eternity (but was only a couple of days) for the fun […]

Back with a Bang: School of Science and Technology vs School of Theology and Religion

It’s here again! At last, the return of the beautiful game to our great institution. Football, lovely football made its return to the USC Savannah today, October 4th, 2017 as the Dr. Trevor Gardner Football League. Opening day rekindled the flames of a heated rivalry as the School of Science and Technology took on the […]