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Channel Chat 1.0

Channel Chat 1.0 is an extension of an establishment of a new series of interactive discussions the Channel team will be having with students. This is an initiative of the Channel's executive team to air views and solutions for issues we all face. In this section we will feature article reports of the discussions held. These reports will be shared for not only informative reasons but to continue stimulating intellectual discussions on problems that students face on a whole. All are therefore encouraged to submit their comments. All appropriate comments of course :-).

Dear Dr. Eden

An advice column under the pseudonym, "Dr. Eden- Taking our relationships back to where they belong." This Column will allow students to express concerns and seek advice regarding relationships.

Dorm Life Thoughts

A section where dorm experiences are shared for encouragement, upliftment and improvement.

Health (Students Views)

Health (Student Views) is designed for students to write articles focusing on mainting a healthy lifestyle, particularly at school.

Special Feature

A section that sheds light on special events or experiences regarding students at USC.


A section where students share articles about God and their relationship experiences with Him. Devotionals included.

Sports & Recreation

Section dedicated to writing articles regarding all sporting and recreational events at USC.


A section that looks at the rapid growth of technology and its impact on USCian students.


A subdivision of the spiritual section where greater emphasis is placed on motivational articles shared for and by students.

USC Pulse

A section designed to check the pulse of all the happenings at USC.

USC Speak

A space for students to engage each other on societal issues that concern them through the arts and discussion. Currently produced by The 2 Cents Movement in collaboration with the Boca's Lit Fes