Decisions, Decisions!

by | October 22, 2016


Okay, so here’s my plan. I’m going to graduate, take a vacation, get a job, do my Masters, get a job doing what I really want to do, get married, have kids and live life. Wham bam! Sounds like an air tight plan right? No! Those who really know me, knows I’m all about that planning life! Like many of you are doing now, I too had an “air-tight” plan for my life. Over these past few months, I’ve realized how true the statement ‘man plans, God laughs’, really is.


Now, I am most definitely not saying to live life carefree and just go wherever the wind blows, but understand that the plan you have for your life may not very well be the plan God has for your life. Post-grad can be the most frustrating, fun, depressing, exciting, sad, happy time of your life. Confused? Yeah, cause that is how it feels for a lot of people. It could be confusing. This is because it is a transitioning period. You are no longer in school and if you have not gotten a job as yet, that brain of yours that has been working overtime reading, analyzing, summarizing, is now on a break. Don’t get me wrong, it feels so good at first. Nothing to do and all day to do it. Adventure awaits and you can take those adventures. But then the time starts trickling down to a new school year. Something kicks in. You feel like you too should be getting ready to do something, go somewhere. But then it hits you like a bucket of ice water. You’re done there. You have done your time. You have crossed the stage. Veni. Vidi. Vici.  But what now?

It is quite easy for despair and desolation to set in. So while you’re waiting and still applying for that job, what do you do? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are some things that you can do to help you cope through this transitioning period.

Learn a new language:  While you are waiting, wouldn’t it be awesome to pick up a new language? Your brain still wants to learn and this is an excellent way to keep your juices alive and flowing until you get to do that Masters.  Obtaining a new language could also be helpful in getting that new job. Who knows, maybe they’re looking for a bilingual person to fill that position.

Hit the Gym: The excuse of having no time, no longer exists. Hit the gym! Work out the pent up frustration and anger. Get that happy hormone, Serotonin, flowing. It is a win-win really. You find a productive way to release the emotions of being unemployed, while working on getting that beach body you planned on getting this summer.

Volunteer- This does not mean that you have to travel to some far away country to deal with the sick and dying. You can start right in the country where you live. It may seem like something small to you but it makes all the difference in someone’s life. Volunteering could include working in a tutoring or homework center.

Get a new hobby or get back to the old one- There is probably something that you’ve always wanted to do or took an interest in, but never had the time to explore it. You probably already had a hobby, but all those assignments took up its time slot. Well guess what? That time slot is free again! Whether it be painting, writing, sewing or cooking, a hobby is sure to relieve some of the pressure.

Keep the Faith!- Most importantly, keep that relationship with God strong and flowing. It may feel like He has somehow forgotten, but that is not the God we know and serve. Just because we can’t trace His hand and we don’t understand, does not mean that He isn’t working overtime in the background to get you that job that He has for you. Trust His heart.

While you wait on the Lord and do your part even now, build on those relationships because when it all comes down to the wire, you’re going to need a support system. You’ve spent the better part of the past 4-5 years in that environment. Maintain those relationships you deem special to you and trim those that are tearing you apart inside. Better now than then. Quality is better than quantity when push comes to shove. Family and good friends will keep you going while you wait. So invest now, plan, but keep in mind that it does not all work out the way you have it on paper, but God will work it out.