Five apps every student should have on their smartphones

by | October 3, 2017



Everyone has one but honestly, what we have on them are more important. As college students it is important that we have the right apps on our phones to make us more productive. The types we have on our phones can be a clear indication of those who fail and those who succeed. Well, not really but still it is still good to have these apps.


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Number one, Google! If you don’t have the Google search app on your phone, then I’m not even sure how you’ve made it this far. I honestly think that this should be on the list of requirements for entering college. A working smartphone with the Google app installed and fully functional. It works wonders for those of us need to know something quickly and is the go-to app for all your search wants and needs.

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Number two, Sworkit! As important as our school work is, it is necessary to take at least five minutes every day to keep ourselves in shape physically. This app helps us to create a short workout to get the blood running. It has been proved many times that exercise is beneficial to help retaining information. Also, who doesn’t want that six pack?

Number three, The Dictionary! Long gone are the days when we are required to walk around with a hard copy of the dictionary. These days we can easily download the app and have the vocabulary of the world in the palm of our hands. We should never have an excuse for not knowing the meaning of a word when information is just so accessible. As one of my English professors constantly remind us that we are University student and nice is no longer a valid adjective. Our essays should be littered with words that show that we are University student and are actually learning something. So, download that app immediately, or as a college student would say, download the dictionary app posthaste.

Number four, Mathway! This app has been one of my personal favorites. As an English major, I’m not the best person at math and I know many people who share the same sentiment. This app teaches you about equations, formulas and functions. It gives you a better understanding of wat you should be doing and is that personal tutor who can give you the faith to keep on when the “I’m not even gonna use this again” thought comes around.

Number five, The Bible. At a Christian institution, it is imperative that I suggest that we all have the bible app on our phones. Not only because we are a Christian institution but spending 5 minutes reading a scripture everyday really gives us a boost when we decide to read and study our discipline. There is something that God has to tell us every day and without us being connected to him we would never know. So, download the bible and watch how your spiritual and academic life grows.