Fresher’s Social: A one of a kind experience

by | October 23, 2016

The annual fresher’s social hosted by the Nimbles Movement and the Social and Cultural Activities Director (Mr. Anton Charles- Big up!) of the ASB (Associated Student Body) is an unforgettable event that the USCian student should never ignore. This year was no exception. Hosted on October 6, 2016 and pitched in the middle of what has become a multi-facetted facility, our beloved basketball court, stood an extravaganza of fun in its rightful element. Call it a stress reliever, fun producer or simply a get away from all the assignments that makes USC…well…USC, it truly was a night well spent. From the booths that surrounded the perimeter, various groups could be seen plying their trade as they satisfied customers with all that was tasty, memorable and informative. The His Luv Choir booth provided great variety in hotdogs, tasty cookies and refreshing drinks. The Guyanese club booth also brought their own culinary delights that included their famous egg-balls, pinwheel, palouri and much more. The Lucian Club booth had a great layout of souvenirs topped off with great salt fish and bake combos. The ASB Extra-Curricular Activities booth headed by its Director , Emmanuel Pierre, offered very tasty options in sandwiches and hotdogs; drinks were definitely included. The Philosophy of Service booth self-entitled “No paying of tax here, Jesus paid it all” set apart themselves with the sale of delicious cake, in this case, VAT exclusive.

                The intensity of the night was kept up by the rhythmic sounds from one of our own talented students, Philip King, as he was the DJ. There were great novelty activities that had its own mix of interesting games causing many to either jump out of sheer joy or fierce competitiveness.  Who would have thought that so much fun could come from the right placements of cups, bottles and some ping-pong balls? A couple inches from that booth, was a mechanical bull. If one were to find a word to describe it, hilarity is that word. As many attempted to rock their way from atop the bull, the quick swinging of the machine reminded them of what unexpected tossing felt like. The water slide was a picture of sheer glee as students soaked in the night’s activities. The Mountain climbing set up gave a special twist to the night as quite a number of students ascended up it to prove their worth. Not to be forgotten were the famous Nimbles ring games. Many could be seen giving their all to keep up with the tempo for the night; freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all alike jumped in (pun intended) to all the night had to offer. Our magazine Marketing Coordinator, Shalon Kerr, spoke with some of our freshmen and asked them various questions about the event. This is what they had to say-

 Shalon: “If you could describe the social in one word, what would it be?”

Lesia: “Fun! “

Shalon-” If you were to describe this social as a chocolate, which would it be? “

Chika: “Milk chocolate with Oreo bits!”

 Shalon: “Between 1-10 how would you rate the social?”

Jean-Neal:  “I rate this social 100!”

What is school without fun? Not school. The Freshers’ fair is just one of the many examples of how young people can have clean fun at a God-ordained school. The right balance of the social, mental and spiritual aspects is paramount in producing people for not only this world, but the world to come. Our school definitely offers such.