Freshers’ Social (September 21, 2017)

by | October 16, 2017

A lovely night for excitement and comradery sums up quite effectively our biggest social event for the semester, Freshers’ social! It was held on Thursday September 21st on the main court and the timing was indeed perfect. There is to me no greater way to welcome our freshmen (YES, freshhhhhhh, p.s. I know you seniors said that aloud lol) to our beloved institution. Rumour has it that the freshmen received this semester amounts to over 500. Who knows. Regardless, they indeed had a blast.

Through the great work of some of our reporters on duty for night, The Channel got a chance (through the reporting of our very own Abigail Gittens) to catch up with some students to get their thoughts during the night-

Maya – The social is going awesome and I participated in a lot of the novelty games.

Darian – fantastic and incredible!

Zayne Charles – I was in the dunk tanks and its fun… but the water is cold.

Naomi Francis- I was on the mechanical bull and now my thigh hurts and I am having an adrenaline overdrive. I rate this social 7/10.

Abigail Trom – I was also on the bull and lasted 19 seconds. 11/10 experience Vybz!!!!!!

Nadia – Social is going good even though everyone sounds out of time because they’re trying to sing every time the music is played but it keeps getting cut off.

Shinece and Thyla –We just bought soup and are chilling and enjoying it.

Keston- The social is going very nice… my favourite part is the ring games

Monique – I am enjoying the ring games to the fullest.


The Channel along with  several other groups that had their booth set up got a chance to encourage students into our writing community and to sensitize persons on the work we are doing. We also had the opportunity to get feedback from some of the other groups set up.

HIS LUV booth- Sales are going very well and people are enjoying the food. We sold donuts, hotdogs and drinks. We are also looking for donations for the choir.

ASB booth – Pizza, Bake and salt fish, the whole works. Everything is indeed selling out fast and the food is tasting nice.

Missole and Wilson INC. – The snacks are a hit. Sales are good and we also sold drinks and are having a great time.

Dailene Gordon – Awesome freshers social indeed

D Juice Bar (owner, Shalon Kerr) – Sales are going very good and everyone is enjoying fresh juice.


Truly, the experience was an unforgettable one!