Friendship 101: Choose Wisely

by | October 10, 2018

Walking through the walls of this university, sometimes I see my sanity being played with like a ball. Understanding and fully comprehending the kind of persons I will encounter throughout my time here is just indescribable. It simply doesn’t make any sense. You come here thinking, “I’ll get some true friends” and then when you reach the thought process was that of “please take me back.” What we need to understand is that in this life, no matter what level we are at, wherever we are at, their will be people who will smile with you and make you slip on that very said smile. People will seemingly have your back and take the opportunity to go before you when given it. People will rush to be in groups with you, just to ring you of your talents. Be careful who you let into your life.

Everywhere you go, make sure to take the wisdom of being kind and happy, but also know when to cut a new pathway for your river.  There may be this individual in your life who simply needs letting go and you should do just that.  Always remember that no matter where you at now, look for the positive and the lessons to be learnt because some day you won’t be the student, you’ll be the teacher imparting wise words or wisdom, imparted to you on a Wisdom Wednesday way back when, when you were a part of this USCian and Channel family.

-A fellow USCian.