Before the Adventure Begins

by | October 16, 2014

crayons_pencils_desktop_1920x1200_wallpaper-10020241Hi Everyone!

As I sat contemplating what this article should be about, I thought it would only be fitting to introduce myself and let you know a bit about Faith’s Adventures.


So, today I’m just going to answer a few questions I would ask if I were you.


The first thing I would want to know?

“Who is Faith? Why is she writing about her adventures? Or better yet, why should I read it?”


Before I attempt this daunting task of letting you know who I am though, I must make a disclaimer:  If I told you who I was exactly, I would be a liar.


The truth is – I’m discovering me every day: in every decision I make, in every situation I face, in every mistake I accept and learn from. (Yes, I try to learn from my mistakes because insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over expecting different results).


For now,  I am a final year Biology student at this prestigious University.


I aspire to be a doctor in the future.In the meantime, I love being me – random, creative, stubborn, a little weird, but generally happy.


I was born in the Capital city of Guyana. Life in the city was fun, I had many mental adventures. Fun times!

Besides all the things I do, writing to me is more fulfilling. I see it as more than an activity. It’s my therapy! It gives me a creative and powerful avenue to let my voice be heard-and everyone wants to be heard at some time or another.


I get to call my fears by name, encourage others to live their imagination, and make light of harsh realities. And that is what living should be about.


Now to tell you why you should read these articles is beyond me. In fact, you would have to decide for yourself if it is worth journeying with me through my phase of self-discovery.

(But honestly, if I were you, I’d probably use this as a guide or a list of things not to do in your spare time when you are bored.)

These articles will just chronicle some of my many adventures (and at times misadventures).


What I can do, is guarantee you will learn something here.


So, welcome to Faith’s Adventures….keep up and enjoy!