Letter From Your Purpose

by | October 11, 2017


It’s not about you dear friend,

You are a vessel of honour,

And I know you can’t pour from any empty cup so take care of yourself,

But remember,

I am a garment stitched by Divine Hands to fit your timeframe not with pride but humility,

In me you may feel rough around the edges when the going gets rough,

But you are tough enough to continue for The One who is counting on you as He has blessed you to be a blessing to others,

You are always connected to another,

You Write,

You Dance,

You Sing,

You Play,

You Act,

You Preach to others,

You’re always in front of an audience,

And they’re waiting in the darkness,

The Spotlight is on you,

The Guiding Light in you,

So shine that others can see clearly the path to Freedom – to Salvation – to God,

Dear Friend,

It’s not about you.


-Ultimately yours,

Your Purpose.