Life Support

by | February 10, 2019

Life support is the use of specialized equipment to maintain a person’s essential physical functions when they are very ill. I recently watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where these devices were used on a lady. She was brain dead and hope for her return was nowhere in sight. A decision had to be made to either stop the machines that were keeping her alive or leave the machines and keep her as a vegetable, i.e. barely living.

At that moment I thought…wow, sometimes we are on spiritual life support and don’t even know. It is true that the life of a student is no easy one, especially if you are working, studying and participating in multiple clubs. Sometimes even as believers, we end up on life support, spiritually starved and unaware of the damage we have caused ourselves. Thankfully, there are persons near and far standing in the gap, praying for us; our personal life support.
God is our father, but he’s also a brother, a friend and anything we need Him to be. In this instance. however, I’d like to think of God as our personal lifeline. When we don’t pray, don’t read his word or share it, don’t commune with our fellow brothers and sisters or full ourselves with the word of God, we are disrupting this lifeline. Over time, we become spiritually starved because we lack communication with God, we separate ourselves from Him when we put our focus on things of this world. I personally went through a time like this and it didn’t occur to me what was happening until I realized I no longer fasted, I thought about praying a few times but never actually took out time to just be in God’s presence. I was so preoccupied with the woes of life until I had a huge difficulty that only prayer could get me out of. I missed hearing from God, missed positivity, the connection was almost lost but  then I thought to myself, “if God could raise Jesus from the dead then who are you? Is He not able to help you also?” It was then that I made the decision to speak to him a little more and to see where that leads. It was difficult at first. The one person who was always there, who I could tell anything to and feel secure in now felt almost like a stranger. My ‘forever friend’ as I call him felt so far away but the truth was that I was the one who moved away from him, from his presence.
Actively speaking to Him helped me so much and I truly believe that without the prayers of my family and friends I would not be here today.

The basis of being a Christian is communicating with God. This  communication gives us as humans support each day. It connects us to our heavenly father and boosts our spiritual life.  My mom once told me “The same way you talk to your best friend every day, talk to God the same way”. He made us, loves us and knows us better than anyone in this universe. All he wants is to have a relationship with us. When we make the decision to live for Christ and we distance ourselves by putting a halt in communication, we are starving ourselves and this leads to us merely surviving on limited life support. A simple decision to change can make the difference. God always has his hand outstretched to us, showing us grace and mercy even when we separate ourselves from him.

Instead of getting frustrated at the world and trying to manage everything on your own, tell God about your struggle, talk to him about your day. He is ready to listen to all you have to say and He answers in mysterious ways sometimes. While He knows everything,  but He still wants communication between us and him. He wants to hear the good , the bad and the ugly things  that plague our lives. Listening is also important. Sometimes He may be saying something to us,  but we can’t hear because we are too busy talking.

Prayer is a game changer, a life-altering amazing communication tool that only brings benefits while eradicating negatives in life. When you got God as a lifeline ‘forever friend’ you no longer just get by on life support, you gain strength from God himself. If you haven’t already had a chat, take some time after reading and connect with God. You wont regret it.

Verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.