by | October 26, 2017

The mighty West Indies ranked 9th in the International Cricket Council (ICC) One Day International (ODI) Championship, 8th in the ICC Test Championship and 3rd in the ICC Twenty20 Championship. Currently, the West Indies cricket team is known as a T20 team. They are the current champions of the ICC World Twenty20 and is the only team in the world to have that title bestowed upon them twice.

“WI may lose the test series but we have the T20 series in the bag”

A test match is a four-innings match which is scheduled to last up to five days. In Michael Roundell’s Dictionary of Cricket, the word ‘Test’ simply indicates that the series of games is regarded as a ‘test‘ of strength of the two sides. However, a test match doesn’t accurately test the strength of the West Indies team. The problem lies in the way that test cricket is handled in the region.

Local tournaments and regional tournaments fail to adequately prepare the batsmen and bo

wlers of the West Indies, as they are required to play a four-innings match in only in two days. If constantly practicing to play both a first and second innings total in two days, it is no surprise that the West Indies fail to produce good results when playing against an International team that practices doing the same in five days. The team can’t expect to play a five-day game when they have only been practicing to play two-day games. The necessary skills needed such as patience, tactical awareness, endurance, concentration and stress management won’t be fully developed, and thus the performance of the West Indies will have no comparison to the other big names of test cricket such as India, Australia, South Africa or even Bangladesh.