Man in the Mirror

by | November 8, 2018

“Time to rise up and shine!”
The words play in his head like a tune.
He unshackles himself from the sheets that bound him,
It’s Monday, the 4th of June.

He manages to make his way to the bathroom,
And gently opens the door,
Behind this vail to greet him,
Was a sight he has never seen before.

He looks into the mirror ,
And sees a man he truly does not recognize,
A phantom of a person he used to know,
A stranger in disguise.

He routinely practices the smile that he taught himself to put on.
And the man smiles back, right on queue.
Void of any real emotion though,
Really not what he is used to.

“Something is really up with this guy”,
He ponders to himself.
The stranger is marred from head to toe
Has he no kind of wealth?

But then he peers a bit closer
A nametag! Saying Tim
To his great astonishment
The stranger was really him

He could scarce believe his eyes!
This figure was distorted by sin!
Waking up only to find that the nightmare he dreamt of
Was nothing compared to the one he lived in.

He gently raps on his own hearts door
Only to find that no one’s home.
Nowhere to run from this one,
This time he was all alone.

He could not deal with all this gore,
And smashed the mirror in two,
Who knew that your worst nightmare…
Could end up being you?

That was a couple many moons ago,
And now he is growing old.
But oh how he has grown to dread that day,
The day he met his soul.