Morning Delight

by | February 14, 2017

Hello my darling so fast asleep,
There you lie softly under your embracing sheet,
Snuggled in deep with no socks on your feet,
I hope you’re warm as you rejuvenate in your sleep.
It’s now four-o-six and the morning is young,
I’m all by myself and a few songs I’ve sung,
I can’t play the guitar and even it I have strung,valentines-day-2014
With mild intonation I’ve still bitten my tongue.
Jazz sets the mood, as my mind takes altitude,
To a place of utter peace where my thoughts increase,
Some are subtle while others are crude,
So I won’t elaborate to avoid appearing rude.
I’m now excited because I can feel the bass,
I want to be lively so I have just washed my face,
Nostalgia sets in as I remember my birthplace,
To the time I was young and a very special case.
On the brink of dawn and soon you’ll awake,
To face the academic life with your unfortunate headache,
Hope you feel better while in school you partake,