Motivational Boost

by | October 16, 2017

School is up and running. Whether it be university, secondary school or even primary school. We all hate getting off our beds early. We have assignments to do, quizzes to study for and we must always be on top of the work. We are sleep deprived and tired but somehow, we still make it through another day. We complain when we should be thankful for the opportunity here. We get to have an education that many others want. Smile when you walk through the school gates even if everything seems plain and boring. Be happy to have friends throughout this journey. Be pleased to have lecturers that come to teach you when they can be other places. Be happy to know that you can graduate in a year or two. Take pride in your university life because for some  it only comes around once in their lifetime. Therefore, I am going to challenge you to walk through your school gates and just smile because you are at a university and getting closer to your goal in life. I leave you with an inspirational quote “Don’t study to earn. Study to learn. What you learn today is what you will become tomorrow.”


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