Movement- (In Memory of Shannon Banfield)

by | December 22, 2016

You may kill the innocence,15439941_1347324681984997_6126984163082650530_n

But you can’t kill the truth,
You may murder the body,
But you can’t destroy the legacy,
Countless citizens sharing in pain,
Can’t count the frustrations borne in this vein,
The entrance of God’s righteousness..
Is seemingly slipping into an abyss,
Like the hiss
Hiss of the dragon that makes war with the remnant,
He’s not pleased for our sins we are repentant

Our screams are met with the unknown and unfriendly,

Thrown by the vicious and uncanny,
Hushed by the cold freezers of death,

Death is worse than the bloody scene from Macbeth,
This comes right down your street

My street…our street,
Maybe we can call it Charlotte,
But for many it’s a reflection of a riot

A riot against the imbalance of Justice

Don’t stand here and tell me that it Just-is

The way it is, And that things will never be the same,

Lame, lie to us about the idiosyncrasies of the crime fetish on the loose,

Pamper the sadistic with an imaginary hangman’s noose, Choose,

Choose you this day whom you will serve,

There’s a movement brewing and it’s growing stronger than the smell of injustice,

It won’t be shaken and it can’t be deleted,

So you might as well Hashtag it, Like it and share it,
It’s like music, you just can’t stop it,
She’s my sister, she’s your sister,
Let our voices rise above what is sinister,
No this isn’t a run of the mill word chant with a vocal flare,
Flaring and rising, bobbing and weaving are the

Tempers of those who are sick and tired of the stench of crime,
Pathetically inclined to the hope that all will be revealed in due time,
But allow me to interject with the truth, entering at stage left,
Is the reality of godlessness that acts as political correctness,
How dare we substitute God with our slackness
But backstage is a growing concern against selfishness,
A people will arise, intolerant of this foolishness,
A people will stand, because conceit and love is an off Juxtaposition,
Not Just-A-Position to choose, can’t we lose
Our pride for once and be honest?

For the next generations can we continue to function like this?
If my life were in leggings, could I not understand,
The fear a woman feels in this cold world of a man?