My USC Music experience

by | September 21, 2018

When I was in high school, I developed an extensive list of Universities that I wanted to attend; the University of the Southern Caribbean was not on that list. However, a year and a few months later, I stared down at an acceptance letter which totally eradicated my dreams of attending another University. I thought my hopes were shattered, but a few weeks into my University experience at USC, there was one thing that emanated light on my cloudy judgement: music.


As a Seventh Day Adventist, almost every Adventist church I have visited has impressed me with the musical ability of its members; USC was no different. I remember distinctly sitting in the front row of the auditorium, awestruck by the praise team at the time. I was blessed, however I thought to myself that I could never sing with people who were as vocally talented and expressive as they were. Despite my reservations about the praise team, I was persuaded to join, which I did. I also decided to audition for the HIS LUV choir. This was an audition I will never forget, because it helped me find my voice, literally.


My hands were sweating as I introduced myself to the panel; to say the least I was quite nervous. After they became accustomed to my name, I sang, “Oceans”, which was followed by vocal scales with a young man named Golden, who sat at the piano. As I did the scales, Golden stopped me, at this point I thought, do I sound that bad?  Golden proceeded to tell me that I should stop singing in my falsetto voice. I pretended to know what falsetto meant and continued to sing the scales, but this time I did not recognize the voice that came out of my mouth.


That audition changed my life; I left The Bahamas thinking I was a soprano and came to USC, only to be told that I am actually an Alto. This realization changed the way I sang and gave me the comfort I did not even know I was looking for in the way I sang. While USC was helping me use my head voice, I was able to find my inner voice. Not only was I blessed by some of the most talented musicians and singers, but I was given numerous opportunities to bless others as well. I, along with countless Uscians were given the opportunity to sing in countries like Barbados and St. Vincent through the HIS LUV choir. The ability to sing in various churches and even countries, gave me purpose. I felt as if ministering through music was what God called me to do.


I was not looking forward to USC at all, but now I look forward to Sabbaths just to hear the praise team sing and to listen to the intricate musicality of band. If you cannot find one decent thing about this University, listen to the Praise team on a Sabbath morning, special music on Wednesday or Friday nights, or take a stroll pass the Vernon Andrews Amphitheatre to hear the choral and concert band, and I assure that you will be ministered to. I believe that God has blessed the University of the Southern Caribbean, so what greater way is there than to bless others in return. My USC music experience has always left me on a high note; what about you, what has your USC music experience been like?