New iPhone…are you really sure?

by | October 10, 2017


Another year, another iPhone. However, this year it wasn’t just one phone that was announced at Apple’s Cupertino event on September 12, we got an unprecedented three phones being announced. But, did we really? Apple has long been accused of recycling design language and purposely staying a couple years back from bleeding edge technology, only to reintroduce the same tech a few years later. I find it quite amusing. Imagine a sled maker back in ancient Rome refusing to adopt the wheel even though it was industry standard at that point, then two years later he releases his new carriage with wheels this time around, while claiming that his new rotational locomotive technology (i.e. rolling) far surpasses everything in the market to date.


For the purposes of this article I decided to put away my biases and look at the cold, hard facts. I looked at the differences in specifications between last year’s iPhone 7 release and this year’s iPhone 8 & X release.  What I found jarring was the fact that last year’s iPhone 7 and this year’s iPhone 8 are practically the same phone, the only differences being that the iPhone 8 has a more powerful chipset but a lower rated battery. Which means, when you piece it together, the iPhone 7 might actually be better speaking strictly in terms of battery life. Also different is the price point. As of the time of writing the iPhone 7 retails at USD $549 while the iPhone 8 retails at USD $699. That’s a USD $150 difference in price for basically the same phone. I don’t know what you readers call that where you come from,  but I call that highway robbery.

I will however give Jack his jacket. I believe the iPhone X is the tech giant’s first step towards a new design language and a system overhaul in quite some time and I personally see it as a step in the right direction.


iPhone 7, 8  & X Comparison
iPhone 7 iPhone8 iPhoneX
Network Capabilities Same Same Same
Waterproofing Same Same Same
Screen Same Same Better Quality
Resolution Same Same Higher
Size Same Same Bigger Screen
Operating System Same Same Same
Chipset Worse Same Same
Camera Same Same Slightly Better Video
Headphone Jack No No No
Connectivity Same Same Same
Sensors Same Same No fingerprint
Battery 1960mAh 1821 mAh 2716mAh


Apple’s marketing and strategy team have long been the undisputed masters of technological illusion, tech theatre if you will. Through their amazing marketing strategy the tech giant has amassed a cult following of millions of loyal customers who buy into the brand and are willing to stand as impromptu knights at a moments notice to defend Apple’s honour. I know this will be a contentious issue and ultimately the choice is up to you, but will you look at the new iPhone releases through rose gold coloured glasses or will you stay ‘woke’ and see these yearly iterations for the cash cow they really are.