All Night Sports! (Sports Review)

by | October 12, 2017


(Review article written about the All night Sports event on October 7, 2017 held at the campus basketball court. Photographs compliments Lexus Media)

(Inset: some of the winners of the football event. Photos compliments Lexus Media)

It is said that good things come to those who wait. And wait we did, for what seemed like an eternity (but was only a couple of days) for the fun so valiantly promised to us. Mother Nature seemingly mocked our plight as every glimpse of freedom was met with showers from above. But finally, it happened! At long last, this year’s sports calendar was officially off and running last Saturday with an evening filled with great drama and entertainment.

The intent of this curtain-raiser was to whet the appetite of the on-looking public, and whet it did. The action began with a round-robin styled small goals football tournament. Teams featured five players each. Games were swift and filled the attacking prowess and skills commonly associated with the “futsal” format of the game. Goal scoring was a regular occurrence as each side sort to claim the ultimate prize. After all the drama, the event ended in what was closely contested final which saw Island Boyz Football narrowly edge past ASB All-stars one goal to nil.

The football tournament was followed by a Big 3 Basketball tournament. The school’s basketball expertise shone throughout the competition. The event was defensively dominated however, as points were difficult to come by. This intense battle waged on throughout the games and tested the athletes both mentally and physically. At its end, Rookies, a team which included the editor of the Channel himself, emerged victorious after a battle which even left some competitors scars. A peek at the excitement of the upcoming La Coupe tournament perhaps, one can only hope.

Last but not least, the gentleman’s game made its way on to the slab as the night played host to a wind-ball ball-o-rama. Line ups included four males and one female each which made for interesting competition. Batsmen and bowlers alike had their skills on full display seek to outwit the opposition in the most effective way. This culminated in what was thrilling final. Having being set a formidable target of 32 runs for their allotted two overs, #268 All Stars battled valiantly and chased down the target with ease. Batsman Russell James accompanied by batting partner Ne Tuan Burton took the bowlers to gleaners with an array of boundaries, eventually lead their squad to victory.

And there you have it. A taste of what is to come. USCIAN Sports is officially back ladies and gentlemen, and this year promises to be an absolute banger.