Shed (Special Word for Women)

by | October 4, 2017



She is……

she is, she is essential,

She is good but unreachable to better, bitter,

she is a silent ‘spitter’ of pleads.

She is essential but somehow insufficiently substantial, she is,

she is shedding, confidence; her petals broken off and gusted in thick air of criticism,

yeah she’s a human right?

Nail gripping onto human rights, yeah she’s a human right?

Yet she feels dehumanized because all she ever knew gender to define is:

“Girl you’re fine, yeah sure you are really smart but if you will like the position of shirt and tie you will start by unraveling my shirt and tie,”

all she ever knew gender to define is a line that serves as a margin ,

where she can only imagine what does it mean to strive without limitations.

Today she shed another petal because she was abruptly told that she is less beautiful for refusing to blossom her bosom.

She shed a bewildered tear because she’s oblivious to being convinced that she’s either too emotional or too emotionless.

She felt less vigorous because ever since she was a little girl, she was fed concepts like:Image result for black woman

“You are a girl so you can’t play football with us,” 

“You can’t pitch a marble and when you pitch your light voice, it coveys a tone of in-capabilities,”

so to humanity you are not a woman, you are just, you are only- A woman. Sigh.

Her sexual urge shed a layer of dignity.

Humanity supposedly her title but her gender just so often, so often integrates with humility.

So much for purity that sulks from her kind; Oh’ how she wishes that mankind can be more kind to her vulnerabilities.

Her limitations shed as she’s not sheltered from discrimination.

She wonders why her desires are thread with fate. She wishes that her vocabulary didn’t mark potential and inadequate as one word.

She wishes that that even when she contributes little, she doesn’t feel belittled.

To rectify, she is important, she is sufficient, she is strong, she is reachable to betterment, sweet, beautiful; she’s of verbal, mental, physical prowess, she’s a Woman!

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