The Social 2018: A Wacky Affair

by | February 18, 2018

One of the most beautiful things about college life is the freedom of expression which it affords you, and for over 90 years our great institution has been a hub for the fostering of such freedom. At the start of every semester, we pay tribute to this liberty with the hosting of a night filled with wonder and entertainment, affectionately known as Fresher’s Social.
The intent of this event is to show to newly registered freshmen the “social ropes” of college life and to start them on what promises to be a life-changing four years of their lives. Here, the newbies are free to express themselves through various activities. From novelty to ring games, this occasion is meeting place for all types of people and makes for a colourful and entertaining atmosphere.
The colourful and carefree nature of the event was clearly echoed through this semester’s proceedings as the event took the theme of “Wacky Tacky”. The brain child of ASB Director of Social and Cultural activities, Mr. Zane Charles, the event was indeed a success. The younger Charles brother did not fail to follow in his older brother’s (the extremely talented Anton Charles’) footstep as attendance seemed pretty decent. Craziness was on full display as students appeared in an array of colours, mixing and matching tones that made no logical colour sense, just because they could. The eagerly awaited ring games hosted by the Nimbles Movement, presented participants with their usual grandeur as individuals took part in many of the night’s events, basking in the serenity of good clean fun.
Fresher’s Social really speaks to all that is good about the experience here at USC. There is something about the concept of stress-free intermingling that brings out the best in all of us. The event allows for boldness, serenity and unadulterated enjoyment, free from stigma, distaste or any other daunting deterrence. Those who choose to take part in her grandeur certainly echo what is true about the Uscian Spirit. For we are merely students of this great institution by circumstance, but we are truly Uscian only by choice.