by | January 18, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper,
It’s time to get
They say thoughts that we think have shaped and taught us what we think we know now.
But this society today what you think you’ve been taught to think thoughts, have been the victim of 2nd degree murder.
I say sorry….
Sorry to my children that have to deal with our mistakes

Sorry for family not being family and blood not defining who you are
Sorry for the individual cruelty that we have to endure mentally, emotionally and physically
Sorry for the degrading values of this society,
Females, males and everyone in their individuality.
Thoughts that we think we can think because we were taught to think those thoughts are that what we thinDont-Believe1_defd5ff64a595c2139afede64e9c8743k.
The battle is in our mind.
Trinidad and Tobago- the world…..
We have started a new year but we’re not ready.
You can’t start a new race with an old attitude.
You can change the clothes but once the individual hasn’t bathe, no matter what you put on, that individual will smell.
Change habits
Change yourself for you
Change your mind
And the world with change too…
Starting with you